We recognise that our team is our strength and we have a dedicated staff team who go “the extra mile” for the nursery. They are well qualified and highly experienced. We promote a culture of honesty, integrity, commitment and care. Care for the children, the parents and each other. All staff members are encouraged in personal and professional development and have regular opportunities for supervision and peer observations.  

We promote an ethos of learning both formally and informally and we learn from each other by highlighting examples of good practice and sharing these in staff meetings.  We also learn from parents when they offer us feedback and from our colleagues in the Local Authority, the local schools and local health professionals.

All our staff are trained in paediatric first aid, fire safety, safeguarding, health and safety, food and hygiene. 

We have high levels of staff which exceed the standard levels required.  We have a Manager on site during all opening hours and the Director is on call to support the Managers if required.

The Director purchases Employment support and Health & Safety services from Peninsula Business Services to ensure we comply with all employment and safety procedures.

The nursery is a member of the National Day Nurseries Association and our staff benefit from reading the regular publications, attending training and accessing resources that this association provide.

Staff place a strong focus on increasing children’s language skills during their interactions. For example, staff carefully listen to children and engage them in conversation about their interests.
Staff ensure activities have a clear learning focus to help children to make good progress. In the pre-school room children make cakes and staff skilfully encourage children to compare and think about the ingredients they use and how they change.