We understand that routine is important to children and we have planned activities and set times for mealtimes, but we also encourage spontaneous (child’s choice) activities and respond to situations such as a lovely sunny day to change our routines in order to offer the children the best that the day has to offer.

Click here for a visual example of our Sunflowers routine.

Click here for a visual example of our Seedlings routine.

This can be a busy time but our staff are experienced at settling children in when they arrive.
You will be greeted at the front door and requested to sign your child in.  You will then accompany your child to their dedicated room where they will be greeted by staff who are familiar to them. 
This will be your opportunity to share any information with the staff that will be caring for your child such as what sort of night they have had, how they are feeling, if they require any medication, if there are any changes to the usual pick up times or arrangements.

Breakfast is served in the rooms and consists of a range of cereals followed by toast and a drink.
Planned (adult led) and spontaneous (child’s choice) activities are carried out throughout the morning including outdoor play or an outing.
A mid morning healthy snack is provided with a drink.

A two course, balanced, cooked lunch is served at 12 midday.  All meals are freshly prepared on the premises by our cook.  Click here for a sample menu.
We place great emphasis on eating together like a family so that it is an enjoyable and social time.  The children are encouraged to be independent in line with their age and stage of development. 

For those children that need an ‘afternoon nap’ a quiet, cosy area with sleeping mats is made ready for them after lunch.  This area is supervised whilst the children have the opportunity to sleep.  For the children who just need a bit of quiet time, another area has cosy cushions and books for them to use. 

Planned and spontaneous activities continue in the afternoon.  

The children will sit down together for tea which is a little lighter than lunch but is still healthy and well balanced.

The nursery has invested in ‘EyLog’, a secure, web based system which you have access to through your phone/tablet and personal log in.  This enables you to see real time photos, videos and observations of your child  to see what they are doing each day and how they are progressing.  It also provides you with opportunities to input your own information and observations too ensuring that we are working together to support your child in their development and well being.

Your child is welcome to bring in any items that will make them feel secure.  This may include a favourite toy or a comforter.  We encourage the children to bring in slippers for indoors and appropriate outdoor clothing so that the weather does not prevent them going out for example to splash in puddles or to kick up the autumn leaves.

Your child will have their own labelled ‘peg’ and drawer to store their items in.

All dietary requirements / allergies are catered for.

Sleeping mats & cots provided.